Lake Placid Dam June Project Summary

June 17, 2024

Date of Report: June 14, 2024

Recent Activities:

During the past month, the contractor installed dowels and reinforcement and poured and cured concrete in Bay 1 underneath one of the dam's pier widening areas. In Bay 1, slab rebar, formwork and stop log block outs for slab to an elevation of 479.50' was started. Existing structural demolition in Bay 1 was completed. Dam armoring excavation and concrete placement was started on the South slopes.

Change Orders:

  1. Pending Change Order: Sundt has been requested to provide pricing to add a gantry crane to the Contract. The gantry crane will allow Lake Placid to set and remove stop logs as needed to maintain the new gates. Sundt is waiting for pricing from their manufacturer.
  2. Pending Change Order: Core and grout underneath existing spillway slab. Sundt is working on pricing this change order.


  1. Sundt is continuing to evaluate ways to regain time lost from dealing with unanticipated debris discovered upstream of Bay 1.

Other Items of Interest:

  1. Steel Fab gate manufacturing remains on schedule. Steel Fab is the company building the new steel gates.
  2. The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is scheduled to be delivered June 20-21, 2024. Sundt is building a shelter to house the HPU until the project is ready to place the HPU and put it into service.
  3. Hydraulic cylinders factory acceptance testing (FAT) is scheduled for middle to late July 2024. The first cylinders are being shipped for painting next week (week of June 17, 2024).


In the next several weeks, we expect (1) installation of dowels and reinforcement, and pouring of concrete in Bay 2 for widening of the center pier; (2) to complete installation of dowels, reinforcement, hinge anchors, stop log block outs and formwork for the Bay 1 slab to an elevation of 479.50'; (3) to begin installing dowels, reinforcement, hinge anchors, stop log block outs and formwork for the Bay 1 slab to an elevation of 483.33'; (4) continued dam armoring earthwork and concrete placements; and (5) excavation and placement of rock riprap downstream of the dam armoring concrete grade beams.

Updated Substantial Completion Date: June 8, 2025

Recent Photographs of Construction Activity/Progress —

Preparing for Widening the Center Pier on the North Side

Installing Formwork for Stop Log Block Outs in Bay 1

Overview of Bay 1

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