Lake Placid WCID 1 – August Project Update

September 8, 2023

Date of Report: September 4, 2023

Construction activities at the Project site started June 19, 2023.

Recent Activities:

Tree removal at the Project site has been completed, along with the access road to the work bridge (to be constructed adjacent to the upstream side of the dam). Materials to construct the work bridge have been delivered to the Project site. Underwater obstructions discovered on the upstream side of the dam that were in conflict with the work bridge have been removed to allow construction of the work bridge to proceed. Pile driving for the work bridge has commenced. There has been good communication between the contractor (Sundt Construction, Inc.) and the engineering firm (Black & Veatch Corporation).


In the next few weeks, we expect (1) delivery of work bridge piles, beams, and crane mats; (2) continued installation of the work bridge; and (3) commencement of dam armoring activities.

Updated Substantial Completion Date: April 23, 2025*

“ * ” Note: Four (4) days were added to the Contract to account for delay caused by removal of obstructions in conflict with the work bridge.

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